Simon Hipgrave is a father of two, husband, brother. A collaborator who believes that by working together everything we create will be inherently better. Experimenting, tinkering, learning + leading in Melbourne, Australia.


  1. General Manager + Co Founder of Bone. A digital partner for creative agencies, brands and people. Through collaboration Bone supercharges partners to achieve more than they thought possible on the web.
  2. (Former Creative Director +) Co Founder of Hungry Workshop. A letterpress and design studio creating physical artefacts with like-minded creatives and makers. Hungry Workshop crafts tangible expressions in an increasingly intangible world.
  3. A work in progress.


  1. Thinking, writing and speaking about collaboration, technology and design.
  2. Contributing to the community. Usually via the organisation of the collaborative fundraising exhibitions like Twenty–Six.
  3. Dabbling in game dev for the fantasy console Pico–8, like a devilishly difficult take on the classic Pong + a floaty virus sim.


  1. Late.

I've been working for over 20 years across design, creative and art direction, specialty print and digital production. I do my best work as a member of–and leading–teams of all sizes. I believe there is no such thing as a bad idea. I'm easily excitable and I will find your enthusiasm infectious.

Get me worked up, email me.